Habemus Papam! – we do have a Pope! – this is how officially the Saint Church communicates to the world that a new Pople has been democratically elected. And this is when the new Pope publicly shows up in the Vatican and gives a speech to all his loyal fans.

From my side – far away from comparing myself with the Saint Pope – I have taken the liberty to make use of the same procedure and say Habemus AutoCharlie blog! Following the same way, let me give you some hints about what has motivated me to start blogging and what I would like to share with you through AutoCharlie.

My name is Juan Carlos Hoyos Sáez – Charlie for my friends, so call me like that – I am truly passionate about the Automotive sector in general, and passenger cars and driving in particular. Further, Business & Finance are also within my “passions list”. These are great news since I will do my best to create quality content, share with you interesting topics, creative and curious ideas; some reflections and new findings, as well as useful analysis. Last but not least, we will have fun while interacting together.

At a professional and personal level, the creation of the present Blog AutoCharlie will be extremely useful as I will become more and more knowledgeable and experienced about this amazing industry. Having said that, I am also convinced that my contribution to the Automotive sector will also be much more valuable and appreciated. 

Auto Charlie was born in 2019 and I am confident that this is the beginning of something new, challenging and beautiful. It is said that beginnings are only difficult without any action – Bryon Pulsifer – so I will do my best and have fun!

My friend and dear car lover, it will be a great pleasure to share with you this adventure and get your feedback in order to be able to improve AutoCharlie every day.

We might not know yet where this road will bring us, so let us enjoy the curves in the meantime!

Nissan Primera P12 Yokohama Japan

Juan Carlos Hoyos Saez Administrator
Passionate about Cars, Driving and Business. My objective is to inspire more and more car lovers. Racing, Kickboxing, traveling, and healthy life. Sub-project leader as a Material Cost/Project Controller, Daimler Trucks Asia (Tokyo, Japan).
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