Due to the great success of the first part “7 companies within the Automotive sector that sponsor or own football” and your request to get to know better about some other teams, this article is newly and specially dedicated to all those who love football.

As background, among all sports, soccer undoubtedly wins the hearts of most fans, with over 3.5 billion football fans in the world – this is half of the population in the Earth! Having said that, let me tell you guys that you are not the only fans, but behind many top football teams, there are also some automotive sector companies greatly supporting your favorite club, or…maybe your rival?

There is a huge interest from automakers ‘interest in European football sponsorships with football clubs within the top leagues in Europe including La Liga, The Premier League, The Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1. The reason is not other than grow, by gaining a bigger market share and penetrate in new markets.



It is hihly likely that the deal between Audi and Real Madrid looks familiar to you since the car-maker has been sponsoring the football club since 2003. The sponsorship agreement for 4 years more. Latest news reveal that a new deal will be renovated until 2022.

The agreement works as following: the football players receive a new vehicle every season, but they are not a present, but the cars should be given back to Audi or must be bought by 70% of its initial price. On the other hand, the Real Madrid football players must use the vehicles for the daily football trainings and must park them in the parking lots reserved for the players. Last 2018, the Audi vehicles provided to Real Madrid represented a total of 2.5 million €.

Sergio Ramos collected the keys to a white Audi R8 Spyder, the most powerful of the R8, with a price over 200,000€, the most of expensive one since he is the captain of the football club. This is a V10 (570-620hp), a 5.2-liters naturally aspirated engine. This wonder can reach up to 331 km/h and reach 100km/h in just 3 seconds. The vehicle is equipped with a S gearbox, double clutch and 7 speed.


Another important sponsorship of the brand with the four rings is its deal with the Tottenham from 2018/2019 season until the end of 2021/2022, a total of 4 years contract.

In the contract, the car-maker brand will see its iconic four rings at the Club´s new stadium across digital signage and an innovative advertising system, as well as big screens and the interior TV network.


And now this is the time for the surprise! It seems we will stop seeing the Barcelona´s football players with Audi vehicles, since the Spanish club has ditched the Audi Sponsor. The sponsorship relation between the car-maker and the football club began in 2006.

It seems that Audi blames that the sponsorship does not generate as much incomes as expected. Besides that, during the last 13 years of partnership, Audi claims that Barcelona football players have not been respecting the agreement and they have been arriving at the Camp Nou and Ciutat Esportiva with different car brands.

Looking forward to seeing which will be the next premium car-maker to sponsor the Spanish Barcelona club!


Congratulations to Volkswagen (VW) for this great sponsorship! The German brand will sponsor the German National team until the summer of 2024. This agreement has replaced Mercedes-Benz as the main sponsor of the national football team after 45 years of relationship.

Deep-diving into the agreement signed by both: VW will support with a yearly amount between 25-30 million € to become the car sponsor. Compared to previous partnership with Mercedes-Benz, this means a great improvement since the yearly support was around 8 million €.


Audi is the main shareholder of Bayern Munich since the brand with the four rings owns 8.33% directly, the 16.67% belongs to both the insurance company Allianz and Nike. The remaining 75% of the ownership belongs to the club members.

Since BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) wants to take an important role within the football industry in Germany, the brand entered into negotiations with Audi for the 8.33% of the Bayern Munich, paying up to 800 million € to become the new owner. Further, the brand has signed a new sponsorship with the German club to supply BMW vehicles until 2025. The agreement with Audi will be continue until its extinction.

Regarding the usual preseason tournament Audi, its change will obviously change into BMW Cup since it is the new sponsor.


Starting season 2018/2019, the largest South Korean car-maker Hyundai has reached new partnerships with Atletico de Madrid, AS Roma, Chelsea FC and club Olympique Lyonnais. In addition to Hertha BSC. Hyundai has become the largest football team sponsor in Europe.

Hyundai is aware that sponsoring football teams really pays off, consolidating a great presence within the European football. A diversified portfolio with up to 5 clubs in different leagues: The Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Budesliga. The objective is not other than increase the brand´s presence in the field, create better experiences with the fan and somehow communicate that Hyundai would be the great transportation option for the team supporters.

Hyundai´s logo will be present on the front shirt of the Olympique Lyonnais, on the back of the Roma and on the sleeves of Atletico de Madrid, Chelsea, Hertha BSC

This is all for today, I hope you have enjoyed today´s article II part as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you. Please, as always, it would be a great pleasure to hear from your comments, opinions, questions and/or any other suggestion you would like to make. Today we have focused more in the European football. Did you know how much auto-makers love football clubs in Europe and how interesting would turn out to invest in a football team? Looking forward to hearing from your answers soon! 😊


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