For those who did not hear about the news in the last months, Carlos Ghosn, the great King, magnate and titan within the automotive sector – as President & CEO of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance – was again arrested in Tokyo on April 4th, 2019. At this time, it has already been more than 130 days since Ghosn was arrested on bail. Nothing seems to have been solved yet: the war between The Alliance he created and managed himself for 20 years, it continues.

The creator and ex-leader of The Alliance are dealing with the new accusations from Renault & Nissan, like fraud to the Japanese Stock Market authorities and corruption, punishable with up to 15 years of imprisonment. Some of the official disclosured crimes are referred to suspicious expenses for 11 million EUR through a joint subsidiary in The Netherlands: luxury stays in the Carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, luxury lunches in the Palace of Versailles, pieces of jewelry or private plane trips, presents to non-profit organizations, etc.

Ghosn, in response to accusations, is confident that all the accusations are coming from a conspiracy initiated by the Nissan Top Management in order to get rid of him, since the triple-nationality man has always been a great supporter of a strong union between Renault and Nissan, whereas this was not a very popular decision among other executives who have their own personal interests. Further, according to Carole Ghosn – the ex-President´s wife – states the theory of a plot, since Nissan never wanted to proceed with the well-known and successful fusion.

The Tokyo District Court accepted the release from prison request from the ex-President, on a bail of 500 million yen (4 million EUR). The conditions form the Tokyo Court are in line with the prohibition on leaving the country to Ghosn, as well as avoiding any attempt to cover the evidence over Ghosn is accused of.

Nevertheless, despite the strong accusations and the super hot summer in Tokyo, Carlos Ghosn who is not yet finalized and during his conditional release in Tokyo, prepares his counterattack claiming 15 million EUR for unfair dismissal to one of the Nissan-Mitsubishi´s filial based in the Netherlands. Apparently, Ghosn should have been communicated the reasons why he was fired, as well present solid evidences on his accusations, nevertheless, the requirements were absolutely not met, so Ghosn might be able to benefit from his strategy.

Hereafter, I would like to share with you a video which Carlos Ghosn prepared in case he could not speak up in a conference planned on the 11th of April. Given this video came into existence, everything suggests that he was not allowed to participate in such a conference…

I have always been an admirer of the Carlos Ghosn´s career in the great motor industry since he took over the role at Michelin; then at Nissan consolidating The Alliance with Nissan and finally taking over the control Mitsubishi Motors. I think that Ghosn has demonstrated to be a great example of leadership, strategy for his capacity of having merged two companies with such different corporative cultures and his expertise in cost reduction, the reason why he is known as the “Cost killer”. I would really like to see that everything has been a conspiracy against Ghosn for his great fidelity and passion for the Alliance, colliding with the interests of the Nissan Top Management. If so, wish you great luck from Tokyo to prove the truth and do justice!

In any case that the accusations are true, I demand that justice be done!

Do you really think he is really guilty for all the accusations? 

On the contrary, do you really think this is a conspiracy of the Nissan Top management to get rid of him?

Whatever your opinion is, I hope you have liked the latest news and movements of the magnate Carlos Ghosn. As always, it will be all a pleasure to read and answer all your comments, questions, opinions regarding this case! See you soon muy friend! 🙂

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