A familiar face, the French Renault 4L – as successor of the Renault 3 and predecessor of the mythic Renault 5 – was appreciated and known worldwide, which has been commercialized in the 5 continents. The production period and commercialization of the little Renault 4 was from 1961 to 1993. During this time, the vehicle achieved an extraordinary success and surprisingly remained unchanged for more than 30 years.

mythic renault 4L

Originally, the Renault was thought to compete with its French enemy, the successful Citroën 2CV. The Renault 4 meant a challenge for Renault´s work philosophy at that time. The Renault 4 was provided a cutting-edge mechanics: the engine was placed in the front side, front-wheel drive, designed with a suspension with torsion bars, as well as a cooling system of a closed circuit and an expansion vessel. To sum up, a light vehicle of 630 kgs with more power, off-road and more modern than the Citroën 2CV, with a slightly higher fuel consumption, nearly unnoticeable.

It became one of best-selling cars in the world with more than 8 million units. Even after the production of the Renault 4 was stopped in Valladolid in 1989, its production would continue in Slovenia until its permantent cessation in 1993.


In 1964, the price of the French Renault 4L in Spain was approximately 505.-€. (84,000 pta.). It is curious to see how in 2019 the market price of the “Cuatro Latas” – in a very good state and fully working – is between 2,500-3,500.-€.

renault 4L technical specifications

When I was 15 years old, I had the pleasure to drive the Renault 4 of a friend who kindly let me try it – or I rather borrowed it – and it is quite obvious that you cannot expect an incredible performance compared to today´s cars. Nonetheless, I can tell you that the “Cuatro Latas” turned out to be an incredibly maneuverable car due to its light weight. What is more, it made me feel that I was driving a bike, since the speed of the flywheel response was absolutely immediate. 


In Mexico, the French Renault 4 was popularly known as “la gelatinera” or the gelatine capsule, since a popular seller company of cakes and gelatines used this car for its fleet.

In Argentina and Chile, the Renault 4L was known as the “Renoleta”, “Renolata” o “El Correcaminos”.

In Colombia it has been called as “Amigo fiel” or the Loyal friend.

In Spain, the little Renault was commonly called as “Cuatro Latas” o “Cuatro ele”.


The following video is the advertisement that FASA-Renault (Valladolid, Spain) used in 1983 to publicize the fantastic Renault 4L. To me, it seems a great video, with a nice and a catchy tune – only in Spanish – and the pictures speak for themselves. Would you like to see the Renault 4 travelling around Spain and doing the San Fermin bull running festival? Do not miss it out!

The Renault 4L was launched in Spain as the “All advantages-car”, seen as a vehicle for all the family, a large space and the best choice to travel:

In France, the cradle of the design of the Renault 4 was also very successful. The advertisement launched in 1973 was simply wonderful, with a good French song that praised the advantages of the Renault 4 and coping with any averse situation.

In Italy, the Renault 4 was also very success, with great advertisements. The vehicle is sold as a car with a lot of torque. The model is sold as a vehicle with a lot of torque, as an off-road, praising its torsion bars suspension and becoming everyone´s desire, whether for the family, working or travelling.

As I said, the Renault 4 travelled around the 5 continents. At this time, let us see how this great car was publicized in Africa, in English.

Hereafter, let us see how the fantastic Renault 4 was advertised in Colombia:

This is everything for today and I hope you have enjoyed the great Renault 4 and its commercial videos of the 70´s. I think Renault kept the same philosophy in all the countries: a more or less powerful car at that time, an off-road due to its special suspension, very spacious and keeping a low consumption.

As always, it will be a pleasure to see your comments, opinions, questions and/or any other suggestion that you would like to make.

Did you have fun with these videos? Which one did you like the most?

Have you ever had a Renault 4 or have you ever driven one?

Feel free to share something interesting with all of us. I am convinced that you have something curious or funny. See you soon!! 😊

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