In the Animal Kingdom, it turns out to be unusual that animals of two different species fight a duel – besides the “battles for survival” which are actually part of the game of the food chain: the predators which hunt for their preys and the preys which hunt for their predators.

Within the world of the motor, we might say that it works in the same way, so just races between same species do exist: car races, trucks races, motorbike races, etc., but… Have you ever seen a race between a car and a jet fighter? Well, today I am bringing great news for the automotion and aviation lovers, because… I am having a very special surprise for all of you! 

What I am bringing you today is a fantastic video – in the German language, but with English subtitles – where the incredible Japanese supercar Nissan GT-R, driven by Thilo Mischkle will run a race against the extraordinary Hawker Hunter jet fighter, piloted by Paul Ruppeiner. The rules of this 2 kilometers-race are clear: the winner will be the one to cross the finish line first!

I am not going to disclosure the winner of this incredible race between different motor-species, but I will give you a hint around what the Hawker Hunter said to the pilot of the GT-R: “What I do know is that I will be in the air before you”.

I hope you do enjoy having a look into the technical characteristics of these two monsters!:



Since you do already bear in mind the characteristics of these two monsters, I just can ask you to enjoy the following video!

This is everything for today, I hope you have liked this article, at least as much as I have enjoyed working on it for you. Please, as always, it would a pleasure to see your comments, opinions, questions and/or any other suggestion you would like to make.

Did you know about this race? Do you know about another so special race?

Feel free to share whatever you feel with all of us! I am convinced that you would like to share with us something curious or funny. See you soon!! 😊

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