This woman is part of the antagonist regarding Guide step three

Rheya Apostolous, a characteristics regarding Bloodbound collection, are an excellent priestess of the goddess Phampira, patron out of blood and you may lives, therefore the Very first Vampire. In the event she is first seen in book 2, Part step one, their name’s maybe not found up until Section 2.


Rheya provides brown vision, long brown locks, and tanned epidermis. She wears a light tunic, gold necklace, and you will silver armband.

In today’s go out, she wears a blue top having gold chain gear and you will gold jewelry along with her locks swept to just one side.


To most human beings and you will vampires of the underworld, Rheya seems to be bold, daring, brilliant, assertive, it is one of a kind, peerless and uncompromising. She has a beneficial “warmth” radiating away from this lady along with her words relaxed the fresh question of people. But not, it is an effective charade she plays. To you and your members of the family, she is an energy-hungry energy-driven monster with no esteem for human beings or vampires of the underworld. She mentions the lady disdain for other vampires and you will believes that they is actually soft shadows of what she represents [1] . She reveals that she tries to be a beneficial goddess manageable giving this lady the benefit to replace that which was missing, that’s – their loved ones.


Regarding the eighth 100 years, B.C., in the city-state off Mydiea, Priestess Rheya spurned the brand new enhances away from Queen Kaelisus. As he became alot more aggressive, she defended by herself and you will clawed his face. As it is actually treason so you can attack the new King (as well as having their improves rejected), Kaelisus wished to have their performed. not, Prince Xenocrates spoke abreast of the woman behalf, caution their father which he in addition to their empire might bear the new rage of gods whenever they acted inside rush. And that, Kaelisus decided to exile their, advising the lady that their survival would depend for the tend to of the gods she offered. Gaius try new soldier one to escorted this lady toward caves past the city. She pleaded with him so you’re able to unbind her in which he complied, giving this lady brand new blade he’d familiar with slice the ropes. With respect to the legend, she attained this lady vitality by drinking on Forest away from Endless Existence. She afterwards efficiency so you can Mydiea changed into the first Vampire and you will kills Kaelisus. Xenocrates begs with her so you can free their lifetime in which he and Gaius query for her electricity.

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In the early days of this lady laws [2] , she was form, pacifistic and you can governed which have fairness and you can mercy. She planned to correct the newest injustices around the world and prevent other people away from sense just what she got. She ignored the concept you to definitely rebels and her enemies should be looked after from the push and as an alternative opted to help you negotiate and you will propose works together with these to prove one the woman is not a threat even after the girl energies. She expressed regret getting violently overthrowing King Kaelisus. Yet not, this changed when the woman empire are assaulted along with her family was slain because of the Sons off Ares [3] . So it slain this lady kindness and you will empathy, making simply fire, anger, and hate. During that time, she swore so you can kill all the last person running that it earth, men, girls and children. According to Xenocrates, sadness drove the woman resentful and awakened the new dark in her. That is where she first started the woman murderous rampage searching for even more bloodstream becoming an excellent Deity.

Towards the desire to exact revenge and you may acquire strength, she attained on Gaius’ notice and you will twisted his heart [4] . Today the girl faithful slave, Gaius place Rheya to the an excellent pedestal. The guy experienced she is actually truly a force away from character and you will are the best vampire which ever before resided, the most effective who’ll actually be [5] . She know just what she need and she vowed to move eden and you will heck to attain they. The lady power was brutal and unlimited and her hobbies you may level whole kingdoms. The guy thought every she ever before wanted try a world in which vampires of the underworld you will live 100 % free [6] , and you will she turned fuel-angry from the serious pain and mistreatment individuals brought about the girl. Due to this fact, she failed to need anybody else to relax and play a similar thing so she made herself the brand new leader off Mydiea immediately after murdering Queen Kaelisus out of payback. However, her foes, specifically Xenocrates, didn’t display the lady attention and you may slain her for it.

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