We are having great news! Spain, together with France, is considered to be the worldwide leader within the tourism industry with over 80 million tourists yearly. Further, the Iberian country has become the number one in terms of sun-and-beach destination!

You might already know such a fact, but did you already know that Spain is a giant in the production of vehicles? Did you know that Spain is the second largest car manufacturer in Europe, right after Germany, and the seventh one in the world?

It is certainly true that Spain is worldwide known to be the leader in the tourism industry, rather than a benchmark within the automotive industry, where we would undoubtedly think about big industrial powers like China, United States, Japan or Germany.

Let us deep dive by using the data provided by datosmacro.com. I can actually tell you that Spain produced the total amount of 2,848,335 vehicles (thereof 556,843 are commercial vehicles), only surpassed by Germany with 5,645,581 vehicles.

Would you like to know more curious facts? Spain is the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Europe with 556,843 units. Mainly, this is due to the production of the Mercedes Benz Vito and Clase V; Iveco Stralis, Trakker and Daily; as well as Nissan commercial vehicles which also contribute to the Spanish portfolio, among others.

And what´s the final destiny of those vehicles produced within the Spanish´s borders? Out of a total of 2,848,335 vehicles, approximately 84% of the passenger and commercial vehicles are exported to Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, becoming the main customers of the “made in Spain” brand.

Another curious fact is the worldwide production of vehicles. In 2017, a total of 97,195,476 vehicles have been produced in the world, including the production of commercial vehicles. Having said that, would you like to have a look into the countries or key players which contribute the most to the automotive industry?

Talking about the largest vehicle-manufacturer countries, the Top 12 represents 83% of the total worldwide production, this is a total of 80,475,000 vehicles.


Own elaboration, based on the data provided by datosmacro.com

China has become the undisputed worldwide leader, being able to produce as many vehicles as the United States, Japan, Germany, and Spain together. We must be aware that we are talking about the country with the largest population in the world, with 1.39 billion people. It is also important to understand that China is a net importer of vehicles, while on the other, its exports are symbolic compared to its production level. We will discuss this topic more deeply in a future post, but if the foreign car-makers want to be competitive and sell to the potential demand of the Asian giant, the only option to break the big protectionist measures would be manufacturing the vehicles locally through joint-ventures (50% ownership at most), with the inconvenient of sharing its technological know-how to their new Chinese partners. That is a huge asset for China, a country that is getting which did not have a few years ago – invaluable technological ownership – which is getting key to keep an eye on its occidental rival´s strategy plans.

I have to tell you that Thailand is followed by countries like the United Kingdom (1,749,385 units), Turkey (1,695,731 units) and Russia (1,551,283 units). It is really curious to see how countries like France, the United Kingdom or Italy – with a very well-consolidated car industry – do not have bigger volumes within their frontiers. Probably the reason is coming from the localization of production where there might be opportunities for cost reduction.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, at least as much as I did writing it for you! From my side, it is always a pleasure to share with you all my knowledge, ideas and investigations about important topics related to the wonderful automotive world. I would love to read your comments on this article and get your opinions about the production of almost 100 million vehicles yearly and its country-ranking. Please, also feel free to raise any other topic or suggestion 😊

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